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i love books about mental illnesses..

Sound. Absence of sound. Jiggling keys. The dinner bell. Whispering. Yells. Tranquilizers. Visiting. Out of control. Showers. Walks. Sunshine. Reflections. Medication. Cheek those pills. Tip the scale every Wednesday. Lithium vampires drawing my blood. Tuesday. Faces. Two packs a day. The final chapter. Nothing to do. Carly Simon. Babies crying. Me crying. Tears of a clown. Forever and a day. Keys. Escape. Alcatraz. A post office mug. Coffee in the morning? Spelled with two F's, two E's. No thank you. And youre welcome. Blaring silence. Bomber planes. Sky blue. I love you. Shut the fuck up. Smiling faces. The sixties. Bouncing laughter. Can't breathe. Too terrified. Charles Manson. To die, they say. To die. Help me. Help me. Help me. Please. Tick. Tick. Tick. Goodbye.
Smash that window.
I can fly.
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