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i have to pee.

my weekend thus far (mostly just today):

yesterday: went to nick's house. watched fear and loathing (of course).

----holy jesus, i've fucked up half the words i've typed so far. whats wrong with me tonight?----

-went to ashley's to visit her parents. her mom insisted that i go through ashley's closet, dresser, and cds to take whatever i wanted. i ended up with a shitload of tanktops and not too many sweaters and t-shirts (tanktops are generic.. the sizes are usually all the same).. a few belts, like 10 pairs of shoes, a few cds, and a formal dress... i really wanted the other one, but her mom said she wanted to hang onto it a little longer for sentimental reasons even though it doesnt fit her. she said she'd probably part with it after a while, and she kept urging me to take more clothes and stuff. it was really not a sad day at all, i kept perspective well, and i was really in a peachy mood.
-went to the park with larkin, john, and melissa. my cell phone ended up over the side of the bridge, and into the chattahoochee river, underwater for no less than five minutes (while john stripped down to his boxers to go fetch it for me), and it still works!!!!! i officially have the Super Phone Of The Entire Phone Universe. whooha.
-larkin and i went to nick's house, as we always do when we're bored. we watched a video of jeremy collins getting his gross chest waxed (damn funny. he was almost crying the whole time), explored nick's attic, and videoed larkin while she got stuck on the attic ladder and tangled up in her pants.
-followed nick to the mall where he was an hour late meeting some freshman who wants him. larkin wanted me and nick to make out in front of the freshman before she and i had to go, but im trying to be a good person and not quite so catty and blatantly bitchy, so i didnt do it.
-oh. i forgot our little satanic ritual in front of nick's driveway... burning pictures.. wishing bad things/death upon a crazy girl for the hell of it..
-had dinner at applebees with larkin, laura, beth, and megan watch. very eventful.. very amusing.. damn good food.. lots of talk about the living together after graduation thing.

today's weather rocked my world. ive been in the best, most tolerant mood all day. well, except for when we were driving to the mall, and these people kept blocking the damn intersection, and i was about to lunge out of my car with a knife and an iron fist to get the party started.

but my road rage is not the issue here, thank you.
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